• An open church for a growing city.











    All Saints

    Episcopal Church

  • Welcome to All Saints!



    In-Person Celebration of the Eucharist

    Every Sunday at 10am in the church

    (masks and physical distancing required)



    Remote Access to In-Person Church

    Facebook: Click here to access the 10am liturgy on Facebook Live

    Zoom: For phone-in Zoom:

    Phone Number: 1 929 205 6099

    Meeting ID: 963 1879 7338

    Password: 121


    Click here for the weekly liturgy leaflet/newsletter



    Prepare the Way of the Lord!

    The Season of Advent

  • - Welcome -

    Welcome to All Saints!


    In the heart of downtown Attleboro, MA,

    All Saints is a parish that reflects the many diversities of a growing and changing greater Attleboro area.


    We're an easygoing and friendly bunch, and we'll welcome you when you come.

    But we won't do the hard sell.

    We'll give you space and leave you in peace for prayer and worship.


    The heart of our life together is our 10am celebration of the Eucharist (the Mass).

    Many parishioners also enjoy community life,

    and our coffee hour is usually full of good food (unfortunately, not during COVID) and conversation.

    How much or how little you get involved in the various ministries of the parish is entirely up to you.


    We know that coming to a new church can be life giving and intimidating.

    If you're interested in visiting and would like someone to be looking out for you when you arrive, please let us know.

    Please explore our website and let us know what questions you have.


  • - Sunday Liturgy -


    Holy Eucharist (the Mass) on Sundays at 10am


  • - Prayer Requests -

    Do you have someone you'd like All Saints to pray for?

    Please write their name(s), and we will include them in our prayers.

  • - Connect With Us -


    Phone: 508-222-2233
    Office Email: office@allsaints-episcopal.org
    Office Hours: Currently there are no regular office hours. Please call or email and leave a message.


    The Rev. Meghan T. Sweeney, PhD, Rector (Pastor)
    Email: meghan@allsaints-episcopal.org
    Wardens (Lay Leaders of the Parish)
    Ms. Lyn Darling - Senior Warden
    Email: lyndarling1@gmail.com
    Mr. Bob Elliott - Junior Warden
    Email: Bobeagle58@gmail.com