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    All Saints

    Episcopal Church

  • Happy Easter!


    Alleluia! Christ is risen!


    All Saints wishes you and your loved ones

    a blessed Easter season.

  • - Welcome -

    Welcome to All Saints!


    In the heart of downtown Attleboro,

    All Saints' is a parish that reflects the many diversities of a growing and changing greater Attleboro area.


    We're an easygoing and friendly bunch, and we'll welcome you when you come.

    But we won't do the hard sell.

    We'll give you space and leave you in peace for prayer and worship.


    The heart of our life together is our 10am celebration of the Eucharist (the Mass).

    Many parishioners also enjoy community life,

    and our coffee hour is usually full of good food and conversation.

    How much or how little you get involved in the various ministries of the parish is entirely up to you.


    We know that coming to a new church can be life giving and intimidating.

    If you're interested in visiting and would like someone to be looking out for you when you arrive, please let us know.

    Please explore our website and let us know what questions you have.


    We hope to see you soon in Zoom. And, hopefully, sooner rather than later, at the church!


  • - Sunday Liturgy -


    Sundays at 10am on Zoom

    (*During more normal times, Eucharist (the Mass) at 10am in the church)

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, we've chosen to worship on Zoom.

    A technology accessible by telephone or internet, Zoom enables parishioners to actively participate in worship and to continue to pray together, sing together, talk together, and support one another in real time.


    "Church-on-the-Phone" gathers for coffee hour at 9:30am, and the liturgy begins at 10am.


    If you'd like to join "Church-on-the-Phone", please click here to access the Zoom room. And click here for the weekly newsletter, which includes the Sunday liturgy.

  • - Prayer Requests -

    Do you have someone you'd like All Saints to pray for?

    Please write their name(s), and we will include them in our prayers.

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  • - Connect With Us -



    Secretary: Lynn Caruso

    Phone: 508-222-2233

    Email: secretaryallsaints@gmail.com

    Office Hours: Monday 9-1, Wednesday 1-4, Friday 9-1

    (if you'd like to stop by the office, please call in advance as hours occasionally change)



    The Rev. Meghan T. Sweeney, PhD, Rector (Pastor)

    Email: meghantsweeney@gmail.com


    Wardens (Lay Leaders of the Parish)

    Ms. Lyn Darling - Senior Warden

    Email: lyndarling1@gmail.com


    Mr. Bob Elliott - Junior Warden

    Email: Bobeagle58@gmail.com