• Looking for a church?

    Come and see!

    Individual parish churches are communities of people who come together to strive to know, serve, and love God and neighbor through worship and prayer, study and service, feasting and fasting.

    While the church is the Body of Christ in the world, nevertheless it is made up of human bodies. Just like real people, church communities have personalities and cultures, idiosyncrasies and habits, endearing qualities and annoying traits. While "the Church" is perfect (as a very abstract, theological concept!), individual church communities -- the parishioners and the clergy -- are, for better and for worse, very human!

    As you continue on your faith journey, we hope you'll find a fit at All Saints' and in the Episcopal Church. While we know we're not perfect, we are always striving to do better and be better to know, love, and serve God and neighbor.

    You are welcome here! Come and see!


    Jesus said to the disciples, "What are you looking for?' They said to him, 'Rabbi (which translated means Teacher), 'where do you live?' Jesus said to them, 'Come and see.' ~John 1:38-39
    (The video is produced by The Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts and includes parishioners and clergy from many parishes in the diocese.)